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Criminal law is not simply a vocation for Gambriani Law PC. This law firm exists because it’s passion for giving individuals the outcome they deserve is more than just winning a case, it’s fighting for justice and it is in this firm’s DNA.

We can help you with:

Bail Hearings

After being arresting, it is the judicial system’s practice to have a bail hearing unless the police release you. You have the constitutional right to receive full disclosure of the allegations put against you. 

Sexual Assault

When it comes to sexual assault charges, the police can be persistent in getting your side of the story. While they are doing their job, it is in your best interest to remain silent—it’s your right, after all!


Theft cases need a high amount of preparation and scrutiny. In some cases, the defendant may have simply forgotten to pay because they were distracted. Of course, it’s our job to prove that.


A verbal or visual threat does not qualify until either direct or indirect contact has been made.Penalties will be dependent upon whether the case is taken to civil or criminal court.

DUI/Impaired Driving

When you find yourself charged with DUI – Driving under the influence- you may or may not have expected the tests results to come back positive. While the news can be shocking, there is hope. 

Domestic Violence

With this type of charge on your record, you want to partner with a domestic violence lawyer in Toronto that’s tackled numerous cases similar to yours. We are here to help.


When fraud charges are brought to light, we immediately refer to Section 380 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Fraud is divided into two categories

Weapon offences

Weapons offences are complex and are often related to other criminal charges. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help.

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When you choose Gambriani Law you are choosing a law firm with experience and tenacity that values professionalism, discretion and an unwavering commitment to your case.

Here the law is known and the practical experience is present to back up this statement.

About us

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Gambriani Law PC will defend you at any court across Ontario from white-collar crimes to murder. The firm cares about the top priority, and that is you and your case.