Bail hearing

After being arresting, it is the judicial system’s practice to have a bail hearing unless the police release you. In preparation of this, you have the constitutional right to receive full disclosure of the allegations put against you.

An established bail hearing lawyer will provide you with advice on how to handle the cross-examination during your hearing.

It is crucial to receive bail because it will add weight to your defense by showing the judge and jury that you are not a flight risk or a danger to society.

Gambriani Law keeps track of changes made to pre-trial custody to ensure you follow the correct procedures and are released.

Additionally, being released will put less stress on you and your bail hearing lawyer because we can both work on your case in a calmer—and more private—setting, such as our office or your home. Visiting hours in a jail limits our time.

Unless there is just cause and the Court decides detention is necessary, Canada has given every individual the right to be released on bail.

As your Toronto bail hearing lawyer, Gambriani Law will instruct you on the best approach to secure bail.

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