Domestic violence

Domestic Violence is one of the very common offences in Criminal courts. These offences include but are not limited to: Assault, Assault With A Weapon, Assault Causing Bodily Harm and Uttering Threats.

Often times it is not the “criminal” act of the partners that brings these cases before the court, rather it is the lack of knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations that leads to these charges.

Consequently, often times the partners who call 911 on their domestic partners do not know that the police will arrest and remove their partner from their residence and they will not be able to speak or communicate with each other for weeks or months after the arrest.

In other words, the complainants in these cases are often unaware of the consequences of their complaint and specially they do not know that the case does not simply close by them “retracting” their complaints.

Other cases involve some very serious acts that may endanger the lives of the partners and even their children at home.

For these reasons, handling domestic violence cases requires a tactful and skillful approach. At Gambriani Law PC, we recognize that not every client wants the same result.

Gambriani Law PC prides itself to providing personalized services to clients. Sometimes the domestic partners wish to close the case without hurting each other along the process.

Some other times, the clients wish to fight all the false allegations that their domestic partners have made against them.

No matter what approach we take, Gambriani Law PC commits itself to put your interests and your wishes at the forefront and bring you fast and efficient outcomes.

No matter how serious or light these allegations are, you need to know that nothing is more important for us than safeguarding your wishes and your interests.

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