DUI/Impaired Driving

When you find yourself charged with DUI, you may or may not have expected the tests results to come back positive. While the news can be shocking, there is hope. As a Toronto DUI lawyer, Gambriani Law has dealt with various levels of severity for DUI charges, such as:

  • The occurrence of an accident
  • The involvement of children
  • Public or private property damage
  • Injured parties
  • Fatalities

Remember that it’s the type of charge that relies heavily on mechanical equipment and accurate readings, which means there is room for error. A cornucopia of problems could have occurred when you took the roadside tests. Some of these are:

  • Improper use of the equipment
  • Improper maintenance of the equipment
  • Equipment malfunctions

Gambriani Law will review your case with keen attention to detail and assess your options to build your defence because not all DUI charges are the same. By hearing your side of the story, we will also work with you to ensure your finances don’t add stress to your situation. Gambriani Law makes this as easy and affordable as possible.

Whether or not you were driving under the influence, the smart thing to do now is to get in touch with us. Call your Toronto DUI lawyer at +1 (416) 628-2041.