Sexual assault

When it comes to sexual assault charges, the police can be persistent in getting your side of the story. While they are doing their job, it is in your best interest to remain silent—it’s your right, after all! Your silence is a not an admission of guilt; it is a smart choice because sexual assault charges are a serious allegation. Calling your sexual assault lawyer in Toronto is the next, wise step to take.

Gambriani Law knows the type of questions the police will ask and what lies they will tell to evoke an answer from you. These include:

  • Supposed statements from the complainant
  • Supposed evidence proving your involvement (e.g., video footage, audio footage, DNA samples)
  • Wanting your verification of the events because they don’t believe the complainant

Remember: silence is golden in this instance.

Your Toronto sexual assault lawyer will walk you through the lengthy process and sift through all of the evidence to find holes in the Crown’s case. Gambriani Law has worked on numerous of these cases, so we’re highly aware of the stakes and pressure you and your loved ones are under. We’re available day and night to support you.

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