Why us

The ultimate goal is to protect and pursue your rights, to communicate, listen, and understand. Gambriani Law is the epitome of professional and knowledgeable, it is where cases are fought with integrity, probity, and principle.

We take pride in speaking with our clients to better understand the hard time that they may be facing, the last thing we want is for your finances to be a worry at this time.

A criminal accusation can happen when you least expect it. If a situation arises where you find yourself in need of criminal defence, but are struggling to find options on how to manage your money matters, Sourena Sarbazevatan at Gambriani Law is here to offer relentless dedication and expertise with your case, and ensures that what’s in your wallet does not impede your possible path to justice.

Our law firm deals with a broad range of criminal charges and has provided effective and affordable services to many people charged with criminal offences; some include impaired driving, domestic assault, and sexual assault.

When you choose Gambriani Law, you are choosing a law firm with experience and tenacity that values professionalism, discretion and an unwavering commitment to your case.

In short, we understand how much is at stake when a person is facing criminal charges, and we hope to ease the stress and bring forward favorable results for our clients as soon as possible.

With that being said, we offer payment plans and installments to help you better finance your services in a way that best suits your needs.

Here the law is known and the practical experience is present to back up this statement.