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I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. I did my Master’s at Université de Montréal and later completed my Juris Doctor degree at Ottawa University. Called to the Bar of Ontario in 2015, I have since appeared in the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

I am presently a PhD Candidate at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in existential philosophy.

I am multilingual with a fluency in English, Persian, French and  I have some knowledge of German.

Sourena Sarbazevatan

Gambriani Law


Gambriani Law provides comprehensive legal advice and passionate advocacy for every type of criminal offence in the Ontario courts. It is of paramount importance to deliver strategic and practical plans to clients that make sense from all legal aspects. The firm offers representation to clients from the earliest stages of the criminal process through to trial, with an emphasis on professionalism, client services and advocacy.

It is guaranteed that every engagement with a client receives full focus and support and at Gambriani Law, ;awyer Sourena Sarbazevatan will work with you to carefully listen to any concerns you might have. Sourena is committed to securing the best legal outcomes for individuals who require the skill and dedication from an experienced lawyer.

The firm and its practices are also recognized for its excellence in the practice of law. Work is done respectfully and collaboratively with fellow clients and it is known that the firm’s future vitality depends on its mutual success with them.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Gambriani Law will defend you at any court across Ontario from white-collar crimes to murder. The firm cares about the top priority, and that is you and your case.


Gambriani Law will leave no stone unturned. The client will always be put first. This is why it is believed such a great deal of success has been received, because of the firm’s strong dedication to the client’s case and the commitment to providing excellent results.

No matter the legal environment, adaption is made quickly and the focus is continuing to build an efficient and prevailing law firm that consistently serves each client’s best interests.

As a client, whether it’s a minor offense or a complex courtroom battle, Gambriani Law is here to listen and take action. You can count on the undivided attention of a law firm that values your time over profits.

Every client is approached with a clean slate and time is invested into understanding their needs and concerns before constructing customized solutions.

Our Mission

Experience You Can Trust Your Legal Needs With

Sourena Sarbazevatan prides himself on effective, passionate and knowledgeable representation. The reputation and history of success with our clients speaks for itself.

Dedicated and Loyal Advocacy

The complex, important, and often life threatening criminal charges need dedicated and loyal advocacy. Sourena’s brilliant track record gives heart-warming confidence to his client.

With Knowledge of Law, Comes Peace of Mind

Gambriani Law understand that the clients are going through difficult times. As a trial lawyer, Sourena’s comprehensive knowledge of law provides the peace of mind to his clients, when they need it the most. Personalized representation, attention to every matter and


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